Educated Here, Proven Everywhere

Educated Here, Proven Everywhere

Educated Here, Proven Everywhere

Educated Here, Proven Everywhere



Pharmaceutical chemistry is the study of drugs, and it involves drug development. This includes drug discovery, delivery...


Pharmacology is the science of drug action on biological systems. In its entirety, it embraces knowledge of the sources,...


Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with all facets of the process of turning a new chemical entity (...


Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines or crude drugs produced from natural sources such as plants, microbes, and anima...

Latest Pharmaceutical News

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Branded drugs should phase out

Doctors and public health groups have come up with the suggestion that the government should work for the gradual phasing out of branded drugs in a calibrated manner along with the abolition of differ...

Government to work on new pharma policy

The government will soon come up with a new pharma policy to counter the excessive controls thwarting competitiveness and innovation in the sector. November 3, 2016: The policy could feature signif

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KMCT Pharmaceutical Sciences has provided a great platform for all students to explore themselves – personally and professionally.

-Midhuna K

KMCT Pharmaceutical Sciences is where people are motivated to acquire knowledge and engage the world around them.

-Shahid P